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I thought it might be helpful to have a page to give you some site direction.
Anyone who visits the site has access to (can click from here as well):
Home page with the public calendar and items of interest (including                        announcements and other things to know.) 
About us with the Statement of Faith and Mission Statement
Frequently Asked Questions
     class choices
Academics with our academic class descriptions and info
Directions (to CLA)
In addition, Members will see when they "sign in" (red or grey at bottom):
Contacts-the list of contact information for the membership,
    at the bottom of which you will find links to the Directory and class distribution         lists
the Events page with our Activities, Calendar and Schedule with Newsletters &             the snack and fellowship schedules
the Member Expectations along with links to an appendix of forms and the Family
    Night Commitment form
our Policy Manual
Member Resources and general information
a Forum under which you'll find
    the Teacher sign-up Spreadsheet (link from Member Helps after co-op 3)
    also the Teacher Class Sign up form
Photos of co-op
Added to the Dashboard (along the left side of the screen) in the "Member Helps" Members will see- 
        the Helper Areas List
        other links as they are available or needed