Classes-FALL 2017-CHECK! Many are full.

The following is a list of the classes we are offering this semester so that you can see a sampling of what we offer.  

Classes that have a strike through (like this strike through) are CLOSED because they are full or have been cancelled.  Please do NOT sign up for a class with a strike through.  To keep class sizes reasonable, we need to honor the teacher's wishes.  Every effort has been made to accommodate as many as possible in each class and provide a reasonable second choice for each grade level, each period. Thanks for your gracious understanding and flexibility.

(Grade levels are listed after class name in parentheses.  Some titles may be abbreviated for space.)
Nursery (full), 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old Preschools are available all 3 periods.
Classes marked with a * have a lab fee or special requirement.  Please read over the class descriptions for ALL of the classes in case of other special requirements when signing up.
PERIOD 1                         PERIOD 2                          PERIOD 3                 
Fall Favorites (K-2) full         
Read a Book w/ Me (Pk4-2)
                  Nature Study (K-2) full
Kids in the Kitchen (K-3) full          Hands-On Amer. Hist. (K-2) full            Gym K-2 (K-2) full
Cours de Francais (K-5) full            Wild Kratts 
(K-3) full                        Our Great State (K-5)
Road to Christmas (1-6)
 full                   Gym 3-5 (3
 full                      Knitting (2-12) full 
Memorize Script./Color (3-5)         Gulliver's Travels (3-5)*                       Act One (4-8) full
Fun STEM Activities (3-8) full       It's Great to be a Girl (3-5)* full         Hands-On Amer. Hist. (3-5)
Logic & Crit. Think. (6-8) full   Quilling for Beginners (4-12) canc.    Candy Making/World (3-12) full
Our Declar & Rights (6-12)*         Unlock. Myst of Genesis (6-12)*     To Russia w/ Love (4-12) full
Creative Writing (6-12)                Whole Foods Kitchen (6-12) full       Advanced Quilling (4-12)
                                                 Think! Build It! (6-12) full                  Intro to Speech (6-8)
                                                                                                      CPR & Choking Ed. (5-12)*
The Academic classes run for the Full year.  If you take it in the Fall you automatically will take the remainder of that class in the Spring as well.
Academic** Chemistry (9-12)  Academic** Grammar & Comp. (5-10)   Academic** Pre-Algebra (6-9)
                                            Academic** Civil War (5-8) Cancelled                                cancelled
Academic Classes** meet WEEKLY and run for 2 semesters.  There is a separate fee for these and special requirements.  See the academic tab or the academic attachment on the registration page.

(Full class descriptions are available in pdf format on the registration page.)

Click here to go to the online class selection form.  This will open in a separate page so you can go back and forth. 

12:25-12:40 is set as classroom clean-up time.

REMINDER: Each semester is different.