Member Expectations

(A full copy of the Member Expectations is available at the bottom to view or download and print if you so desire.)

All members are expected to do the following:

·         Attend co-ops faithfully, including morning meeting.  Plan to arrive by 8:50 at the latest.

·         Wear name tags & make sure their children are also wearing them.

·         Teach one class, assist in another, and attend free period in the mother’s room where there will be announcements, snacks & fellowship. (New members are not required to teach during their first semester. Instead they will assist in two classes.)

·         Help in at least one additional “helper area” outside of classroom responsibilities.

·         Provide a snack for the mother’s room at least once per semester.

·         Monitor gym time at least once a semester. This only applies if you stay for fellowship time.

·         Keep all your information up to date, including adding a new child, updating phone numbers, addresses, emergency contact information, handing in clearances, etc. (See the secretary to update.)

Links to websites for getting your clearances:  https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home

·         Attend & participate in Family Nights each semester.

·         Attend the mandatory Business Meeting each fall.

·         Supervise your children at all times while on campus – with the exception of the times they are under a teacher’s supervision. This includes supervision during fellowship time.

·         Clean up after yourself and your children in the lunch room.

·         Dress modestly and conservatively with shorts and skirts being longer than fingertip length and no midriff or cleavage showing.


Student Expectations

Students will agree to:

·         Show respect and consideration for adults and other students by sitting quietly during announcements, devotions, presentations and class time.

·         Address teachers with respect, i.e. Mrs. Brown, Miss Sue, or Mr. Joe

·         Using words and deeds that encourage and lift up others.

·         Respect the property of CLA by obeying all facility rules.

 Come to class prepared with all basic supplies as well as those requested by the teacher.

·         Participate in all class discussions, projects, and assignments to the best of their ability.

·         Be responsible for any missed work due to absences and will communicate with the teacher to obtain missed assignments.

·         Use the restroom and water fountain before class begins.

·         Clean up after themselves in classrooms, lunch and gym time.

·         Play fair and show good sportsmanship during gym time.

·         Dress modestly and conservatively with shorts and skirts being longer than fingertip length and no midriff or cleavage showing.

·         Stay in adult supervised areas at all times and are not outside the building or in the halls without adult supervision or permission.

·         As a general rule, be engaged and interactive while at co-op. Therefore, use of portable electronic devices is discouraged during co-op hours.


Teacher Expectations

Text Box

Teacher Quick Reference Guide Checklist

o   Turn in class description

o   Turn in budget

o   Turn in back up lesson plan (BULP)

o   Prepare and communicate supplies needed

o   Prepare Family Night plan

o   Prepare handouts for portfolios

o   Review Class discipline policy before co-op 1

o   Review safety procedures & Classroom Management Plan

Planning a class:

·         All members must teach at least one class and assist in one class after their first semester probationary period is complete.

·         You may teach two classes rather than assist in a class if you prefer.

·         For help deciding which class to teach, see the Resources document or click on the “Resources” tab on our website.

·         Class descriptions are due by Co-op #6 and will be subject to leadership approval.

Planning your Budget:

·         Class budgets are due by Co-op #6.

·         Do your best to be under budget at the end of the semester.

·         When determining budget, think through what you should purchase and what the student can purchase.

·         Any expenses over the approved budget amount may not be reimbursed.

·         For help planning a budget, see the Resources document or click on “Resources” tab on our website.

Back up lesson plan (BULP):

·         Teachers must provide a back-up lesson plan in case of emergency absence.

·         BULP suggestions: games, DVD’s, worksheets, lesson plans

·         BULP’s are due by Back to Co-op Day of the semester they run.

·         BULP must be easy to understand and include a list of all supplies needed.

Family night:

·         Every class must participate in family night by either a stage or video presentation or a table display

o   Stage or video presentations:

§  5 minutes or less

§  Must be practiced ahead of time with microphones

o   Table displays must be nicely done with excellence

·         Teachers for second grade and up must provide handouts or certificates for class content which can be included in portfolios.


·         Plan ahead if copies are needed for class.

·         Please do not make copies yourself.

·         Fill out copy request form, submit with original item and your copies will be made for you and placed in your member folder by the end of the day.

·         We will not reimburse for copies made outside of co-op.

·         First period class teachers must be sure to make copies the co-op before or incur the cost of making her own copies.


·         Take attendance every class.

·         Leave attendance sheet in classroom folder.

·         Place the green “All Clear” sign visibly in the class window when all students are accounted for.  Replace in folder once hall monitor returns it to you.

·         Absent families/students will be listed on the whiteboard on the nametag table.

·         Place the red "Alert" sign outside the classroom door if you have an extra student or are missing a student who is not listed on the absent board.

Student behavior:

·         If a student is breaking any of the rules listed in Student Expectations, please take immediate action. See the Discipline Policy and follow the appropriate steps.

·         If you need assistance, send for a leadership team member.

Students in halls:

·         Please do not dismiss any students before the end of the period.

·         Bathroom and water breaks should be taken between classes.

·         Use your discretion for “emergencies” and notify the hall monitor to escort them if any student is leaving your room during class time.

·         You may see older students in the halls at the end of 3rd period. They are completing helper area tasks and are allowed to be dismissed.

·         Please be willing to help escort younger students to their next class if needed.

Classroom cleanup:

·         Third period classes have 5 extra minutes in order to clean up classrooms. You do not need to vacuum.

Classroom and building safety:

·         Nametags must be worn by all students, teachers and visitors on campus.

·         Teachers must review and be familiar with fire escape routes.

·         Teachers must take classroom folder and “All clear” sign with them in the event of a fire alarm evacuation. Hold sign up when you have exited and accounted for all your students.

·         Notify the hall monitor if any student is leaving your classroom for any reason.

·         Notify the hall monitor or leadership team member if you notice any unauthorized stranger in the building.

·         Lock classroom doors & turn lights off in the event of any unsettling disturbance. 

·         Bathroom doors must remain propped open during the co-op day.

·         Teachers should NEVER be on cell phones during class time.

·         Stop students from running in the hallways & classrooms.

 Off-campus trips:

·         Class fieldtrips must be approved by the leadership team.

·         Permission slips are required for students leaving the CLA campus during co-op hours.

 Supply Closet:

·         The co-op maintains supply cabinets in room 409. These are intended for general use only.

·         Please do not store class materials or extra supplies in the cabinets. Talk with a leadership team member if you have a special circumstance.

·         All K-12 students should come to class with a fully loaded pencil box (FLoPBee). See the Resources document for list of FLoPBee items.

·         Additional supplies from the closet should be checked out right before class and returned right after class.

o   Please use a caddy and only take what is necessary for your class – not the entire box!

o   Please do not take supplies for the whole day. Other classes need them as well.

o   Supplies will be put back in the closet for you, simply place your caddy on the supply room table at the end of your class.


 Teaching Assistant Expectations

Assistants are expected to:

·         Be engaged with students.

·         Actively assist the teacher with attendance and other tasks.

·         Refrain from taking over the class or attempting to teach different methods.

·         Participate in class activities.

·         Teach the class if the teacher has an unexpected absence.

·         Abstain from cell phone usage during class time.

·         Be a willing and happy helper.

 Infant and Preschool Expectations

All items sent to class (including food, cups, pacifiers, bags, etc.) must be labeled.

·         Nursery communication forms must be completed each co-op so that teachers are aware of your child’s eat/play/sleep schedule for the day.

·         Moms are encouraged to drop off kids quickly and leave even if they are upset. Teachers will page you if they are unable to calm down the child. 

·         Moms are encouraged to nurse babies in the nursery, but make every effort to return to the mother’s room for announcements which will be given halfway through the period.


At the bottom you will find a link to the appendix of forms.
If you  have any questions, please contact a member of the Leadership Team.
Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge. Proverbs 23:12 
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