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If you have any questions regarding anything in the Policy Manual, please see a memeber of leadership.  (The policy manual is available at the bottom of this page to view and/or download and therefore print.)

Policy Manual


   All absences must be communicated to the secretary with as much advance notice as possible.

   Failure to communicate absence ahead of time or inconsistent absence at required meetings will result in limited considerations for class choices the following semester. If the problem persists, the member may not be permitted to register for the next semester.

   Please do not bring a child who has been sick to co-op until he/she has been symptom free for 24 hours.

   If mom is sick or plans to stay home with a sick child, but wants to send other children to co-op, a “substitute mother” along with a copy of his/her clearances must be sent in to fill in for the member’s duties. (This guardian would assist in classes and not be asked to teach.)


Class Selections

   Class selections must be submitted by the deadline set by leadership.

   Once final rosters have been sent out, you have until the time specified by leadership to make class changes. No further changes will be made after the deadline.

   If after the deadline it is necessary to pull your child from a class with a lab fee, you will be responsible to pay that lab fee.

   Lab fees are due prior to Co-op #1. Failure to pay lab fees will result in the withholding of materials/books needed for class until it is paid.


Classroom Management Plan

   Establish 2-3 rules for your class to follow. Inform the students of the following plan if someone breaks the rules. When a student breaks a rule, please follow this plan:

1.     Write the child’s name on the board without interrupting class.

2.    If that step does not stop the behavior, put a checkmark next to the child’s name. This is a second warning. (The teacher or assistant may stand next to that child as an additional effort to stop the misbehavior.)

3.     If that step does not stop the behavior, the student should be taken aside or out into the hallway and spoken to by the teacher or assistant. Again, make every effort to keep class going.

4.     If the student does not seem compliant with step 3, please have a leader summoned to come help.

   Be sure to fill out a pink slip if you had to go to step #3.


   If a situation should arise in which the leadership team feels it necessary to confront a member, the following protocol will be adhered to:

·       The leadership team will discuss the issue. If they agree that the concern warrants confrontation, two leaders will speak privately with the member.

·       Both parties will work to agree on an appropriate & peaceful outcome. All co-op policies & expectations will be upheld.

   In the event that a student must be confronted because of behavior, the following course of action should be followed:

1.     Follow the Classroom Management Plan.

2.     Any action taken beyond #2 of the Classroom Management Plan, a pink slip (located in your classroom folder) must be filled out and handed to the co-op coordinator who will, in turn, pass a copy on to the parent.

3.     The pink slip should be considered a serious warning. Continued misbehavior may result in suspension from one or more co-op days.

Member Complaints/Concerns

   If a member has a concern or complaint, she should approach a leader privately and express her concern calmly, clearly and specifically.

   The concern/complaint will then be taken to the other leaders for consideration. Leadership will make a team decision and form a response. That decision will be communicated to the member by a leader.

   Members bringing concerns/complaints will be asked to accept the leadership team’s final decision without repercussion.


Moms with Infants

   Infants up to four months of age are welcome to stay with mom throughout the day as long as they are not a disruption in the classroom or mother’s room.

   Nursing in the mother’s room should be done modestly.

   At four months of age, moms should do their best to transition babies into the nursery and refrain from taking babies into classrooms, helper areas and the mother’s room.


New Members

   New members are considered probationary for the first semester. This allows us to see if the co-op is a good fit for each family and each family is a good fit for the co-op. During the probationary period, the Leadership Team will use the following expectations to determine compatibility with WSCEC:

·       The member follows through on her commitments by upholding member expectations & following co-op policies.

·      The member communicates if she cannot be at co-op.

·       The member attends mandatory meetings and communicates with a leader when she cannot be there.

·       The member turns in required forms and completes sign-ups by deadlines.

Non-family Members Attending Co-op

   A co-op member wishing to bring one or more non-family members with them to co-op on a consistent basis must obtain approval from the leadership team before handing in a commitment letter for the following semester. The leadership team will consider this request on case by case basis.

   If approved, a separate commitment letter must be filled out and handed in for the non-family member.

   The responsible co-op member will be charged $10 for each non-family member accompanying them to co-op. (A limit of 2 extra children will be imposed.)

   Any extra children accompanying a member to co-op one time is acceptable, however, the secretary must be notified prior to the day of the visit.

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Sep 5, 2018, 2:54 PM