What costs are involved in joining?

The dues per semester are currently (Spring 2018) $45 for the semester for the family, no matter what the size.  This covers the routine expenses such as classroom supplies, administrative supplies, and insurance.  Please speak to a member of leadership if this cost will make attending difficult.
Occasionally a class might look like it will be more expensive; like a specialized art class or a cooking class with gourmet type ingredients or another with significant expenses. In those cases we might charge a reasonable lab fee that only the students taking that class would need to pay to help defray that cost somewhat. 

Outside activities that might be arranged, should they have a cost, would be separate from the co-op and therefore not covered by the dues.

Do I have to teach a class? 

The first semester that a family joins we allow the mom (or dad) to just help in 2 classes or "float"-be available as a substitute.  After that first semester in the co-op we do ask that you teach 1 class and be an assistant in another class. Some opt to teach two classes and not assist.  We have lots of ideas for teaching, and even have an opportunity for people to make suggestions.  We also have some "canned" curriculums from which you can teach.  Our Information Packet has more information on this topic.  Please discuss any questions or concerns about this with leadership or even some of the other parents.  Don't let it deter you from this wonderful experience. 

Are there any other responsibilities?

Yes, we ask moms to bring in a snack for everyone to share at least once per semester.  We also have an optional fellowship time at the end of each co-op day. Families that stay for this time are asked to, at least once or possibly twice a semester,  either supervise the play time in the gym or help clean up the eating area. 
We also ask everyone, and this can be a family affair, to help in a "helper area;" an extra job that helps the co-op run.  This might be putting out the room signs and attendance folders, checking the bathroom sinks to make sure they're not puddled, or helping any number of things.  There are many jobs from which to choose (and you may choose or have it assigned to you) that help the co-op run smoothly. We appreciate everyone's help in any and every capacity.

Your title says "Christian," what does that mean for me?

It means you don't have to be a Christian to join us, but that the Christian faith and therefore the Bible are, unapologetically, the very fabric of the co-op.  Please see our statement of faith and purpose for further clarification.  We seek to honor God with our thoughts, words and actions, in our class choices and how they are taught, in our dress and behavior.  You will be asked to abide by our statement of faith and not teach against it or do or say anything contrary to it.  While we hope that all would come to a saving knowledge of what Christ has done for us all and enter into a relationship with Him, we do not force it on anyone. We are non-denominational and every family is welcome.
Be completely humble and gentle: be patient, bearing with one another in love.  Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:2-3