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Member expectations


  • Our primary goal is to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ in all areas of our life. Matthew 7:12 says “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” We are to set an example for our children in our treatment of each other by being respectful and honoring. Encourage your children to sit quietly and listen respectfully, especially during morning announcements and devotions and class presentations. If your child is having a hard time sitting quietly, please take him or her out of the room or have an older sibling do so.

  • All members are asked to be on time (the recommendation is to be here by 8:45) and are required to wear name tags. This is how we take the family attendance in the mornings and know if a class needs to be covered. It also helps us all learn students’ names and assist them to their next classes. Please see that these are disposed of properly at the end of the co-op day.

  • All members are expected to assist in at least one additional “helper” area outside of classroom responsibilities. It takes a cooperative effort to make co-op happen and many hands make light work.

  • All members are expected to bring a snack for the parents’ room at least once per semester. Guidelines are explained on the Helpful Hints for Parents’ Room Snack, page 8. The snack coordinator will make up this schedule.

  • All members are welcome and encouraged to participate in fellowship time at the end of the coop day until 1:30. All members who stay are expected to help in the clean up after this time. At least once per semester you are asked to oversee this in the lunch room or help monitor the play time in the gym. You may choose this date or it can be assigned to you.

  • At most, after your first semester, all members are expected to teach one class, help in one class, and have one period free. You may teach more than one class if you wish, in which case you will not assist in another. More information on this can be found on pages 9 and 10 of this packet.

  • All members are to make sure that all information is kept up to date. If you have an addition or change to your information, like a new child, a change of address, phone number or email address, please inform the secretary in writing. This also includes making sure your emergency contact information on file in case of illness or injury to you or your child is up to date. If you have a change of insurance, doctor, or secondary contact person, it is your responsibility to inform the secretary-in writing.

  • All members are expected to participate in and attend the Class Presentations event that wraps up the co-op semester. The Hospitalities Coordinator will announce needs for the evening and how to sign up.

  • All students are to be supervised at all times while on CLA campus.