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Student Expectations

-Co-op should be an enjoyable time for all involved. Remember we want to honor God and each other with ALL of our thoughts, words and actions. Students are expected to show respect and consideration for adults and students alike.

-Please sit quietly and listen respectfully during announcements, devotions, and presentations.

-Please address teachers with respect, i.e. Mrs. Brown, Miss Sue, or Mr. Joe.

-Students should listen quietly once class has started unless the teacher is encouraging class discussion or you are doing a project and have already received instruction. (Teachers should only have to ask students once for quiet.)

-Do not demean or ridicule fellow classmates. No pushing, shoving, or hitting at any time, even in “fun.” Treat others the way you want to be treated.

-Appropriate classroom behavior is a must! No feet on the tables, keep all legs of all the chairs planted on the floor at all times.

-No food or drink during classes, unless brought in by the teacher.

-Come to class prepared. Students are expected to bring both a pencil and paper to classes and should carry a backpack to ensure that papers and projects can be shared and worked on at home. Students should also have an assignment book to write down homework given by the teacher(s).

-Students are expected to participate in all class discussions, projects, and assignments to the best of your ability.

-If you know you will miss a class, contact your teacher beforehand about assignments. If you are absent for a reason of illness, contact your teacher before the next class for assignments.

-Restroom and water breaks should be taken between classes.

-Students are to be supervised by an adult at all times. No students are permitted outside the building or in the halls without adult supervision or permission.

-Skateboards are NOT permitted on the CLA campus during co-op hours.

-Enjoy your time with other home educated students.

My family and I have read, understand and agree to abide by these expectations.

Signed _________________________________ Date: ______________

Parents: Please read these to your children and make sure they understand them.