We'd like to put some links to great resources on this page.  We'll try to organize them to make things easier to find. And we hope you can click and go to the website.  Please, as you find helpful links, let us know and we'll add them.
For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisors make victory sure. Proverbs 11: 14

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Great Books 

Creative Correction-(Focus on the Family)-Lisa Welchel

The Duggars-20 and Counting-Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar

A Love That Multiplies- Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids-Scott Turansky & Joanne Miller

Good and Angry-Exchanging Frustration for Character-in You and Your Kids! -Turansky and Miller

Differrent Children, Different Needs - Dr. Charles Boyd

Bringing Up Boys/Girls-Dr. James Dobson



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