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Beginning in the Fall of the 2016/2017 School Year, we started offering academic classes.  These classes meet every regular enrichment co-op day as well as 7 or more additional classes for a total of 14+ classes per semester.  These classes will also run for a full year; so there will be 14+ classes in the fall and then continue into the spring for another 14+ classes.  Please make sure you read the information for parents and students below.  Following that information are the specifics for the '18/'19 school year. 

Must-Read Information for Parents/Students Taking WSCEC Academic Classes
(These are available as a download or to print off at the bottom of the page.)

Parent Expectations

·         Pay class tuition directly to teacher on the first day of each semester. 

Class tuition will range from $50-$99 per student per semester for co-op members. Each teacher will communicate his/her tuition. Non-members must register for classes through individual teachers, not the co-op.

·         Purchase curriculum & materials required for class. A materials list will be provided by each teacher.

·         Provide accountability & aid for the student throughout the week for assignments.

·         All parents are required to drop students off and pick them up at the gym doors.  Two rooms will be provided for families who wish to wait– one quiet study room and one room for those with younger children.  (Two study rooms are NOT guaranteed on regular co-op weeks, but we will do our best.)

·         Contact teacher for assignments/instructions if/when child is absent.


Student Expectations

·         Cooperate, participate & be respectful.

·         Be faithful in doing assignments each week to the best of your ability.

·         Bring assignments & materials to class each week.

·         Communicate struggles with the teacher.

·         Communicate with your parents any feedback you get from your teacher, including feedback on papers.

·         Do not wander anywhere else in the building during the time you are on campus.



Schedule on non-co-op days –                        Schedule on regular co-op days --      

Both Grammar & Composition                            9:30-10:25 AM

and Elegant Essays will meet                             10:30-11:25 AM

             at 10:00 a.m                                           11:30 - 12:25 PM


For the '18/'19 School Year
Please see the full class description for all required materials, prerequisites and info on curriculum (where to find it and about how much it will cost).

Period 1Grammar & Composition Grades 5-9  
taught by Mrs. Corbin, email address is
tuition $50 per semester.  
Credits - 2/3 English credit upon completion of both semesters (add literature for full credit)
Pre-requisite - an understanding of of basic sentence structure, capital letters, punctuation, and parts of speech
Curriculum to purchase:  IEW's Student Writing Intensive Level B ($19, Fix-It Grammar - The Nose Tree ($15
Materials- spiral bound notebook, pen & pencil, highlighter

 - Elegant Essays & Public SpeakingGrades 10-12
taught by Mrs. Stoddard, email address is
tuition $90 per semester.      
Credits - 1/2 English credit upon completion of both semesters (Literature & Grammar, of course, should be added to achieve 1 full English credit.  This class will also meet diploma requirements for speech.
Pre-requisitebe familiar with the basic essay model and be able to write an understandable paragraph with a topic and clincher sentence. (A 6-week summer crash course on writing paragraphs & the essay model could be arranged if desired.)
Curriculum to purchase:  IEW's Elegant Essay Writing Lessons by Lesha Myers ($29 at
Materials- 3-ring binder with 5 tab dividers, loose leaf notebook paper 

Period 2 - American LiteratureGrades 8-12  
taught by Mrs. Romine, email address is
tuition $50 per semester   
Credits - 1/2 English credit upon completion of both semesters
Pre-requisite -All students must be able to complete various writing assignments which may be 3 or more typed pages in length, using grammar, punctuation, and MLA formatting.  Advanced 7th graders may be considered on a case by case basis, please contact Mrs. Romine for more information.
Curriculum to purchaseAmerican Literature by Janice Campbell ($29, Autobigraphy by Benjamin Franklin, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving, The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper, The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Moby Dick by Herman Melville, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, The House of Mirth, The Old Man and the Sea 
MaterialsPens and a notebook.  Students must have access to the internet for some research resources as well as to communicate with the teacher via email.

Period 3Health Promotion & Disease PreventionGrades 7-12 
taught by Mrs. Griffith, email address is
tuition $70 per semester   
Credits - 1/2 credit upon completion of both semesters
Pre-requisite -Students should have successfully completed middle school Life Science.  Students will be expected to maturely discuss health topics with other students and communicate appropriately in both written and verbal forms.
Curriculum to purchasePOSSIBLY Using Christian Paths to Health and Wellness by Walters & Byl and/or Health is Christian Perspective by Shimmin & Parker.  Teacher will inform students if and which textbook to purchase.
Materials3-ring binder, loose leaf paper or notebook for taking notes.  Internet access is also necessary.

The fall 2018 class dates are:                          The spring 2019 dates are:
8/23 -Class 1  (BTCD)                                      1/24 -Class 1 (BTCD)
8/30 -Class 2 (Co-op 1)                                    1/31 -Class 2 (Co-op 1)
9/6 -Class 3                                                     2/7 -Class 3
9/13 -Class 4 (Co-op 2)                                    2/14 -Class 4 (Co-op 2)
9/20 -Class 5                                                   2/21 -Class 5
9/27 -Class 6 (Co-op 3)                                    2/28 -Class 6 (Co-op 3) 
10/4 -Class 7                                                   3/7 -Class 7
10/11 -Class 8 (Co-op 4)                                  3/14 -Class 8 (Co-op 4)
10/18 -Class 9                                                 3/21 -Class 9
10/25 -Class 10 (Co-op 5)                                3/28 -Class 10 (Co-op 5)
11/1 -Class 11                                                 4/4 -Class 11
11/8 -Class 12 (Co-op 6)                                  4/11 -Class 12 (Co-op 6)
11/15 -Class 13                                               4/18 -Class 13 
11/29 -Class 14 (Co-op 7)                                4/25 -Class 14 (Co-op 7)
11/30 -Family Night                                        4/26 -Family Night
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