Class descriptions, budgets and BULPs

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For members teaching classes at WSCEC:  
In case you have questions about these, I thought I'd add this so you always have access. The class description with budget can be filled out online.  You will need to sign in then click on the underlined word here to access it - Class description_budget form

At co-op 4 parents are encouraged to submit class SUGGESTIONS; ideas for classes they are thinking of teaching or would like to see taught.

At co-ops 5 and 6 we are submitting Class Descriptions.  Parents submit the actual class(es) they will be teaching the following semester.  Parents may teach 2 classes if they like, instead of assisting in a class. Some things to keep in mind when thinking about this; first a catchy and exciting synopsis of your class; SELL it.  Why would students (or their parents) WANT (them) to take this class.  Also think about your purpose or goal; what will the students have learned in taking your class.

Along with your description you will be submitting a class budget.  Remember that it is a better idea, when possible, to have the parents send in items from home or purchase whatever possible for their students, with specifications from you. So, if a book (or other materials) is needed for your class, tell them what book (or other materials) (exactly, even down to what edition if that is important to keeping everyone "on the same page" in class) and where the book (or other materials) can be purchased.  Email parents when you get your initial roster and then double check after your final roster.  Send a reminder 2 weeks before co-op begins.

For budgeting for items you (the teacher) need to purchase: think in terms of cost per student, then estimate a bit higher for unexpected costs (remember shipping too!)  Also remember we have a great supply closet.  Items in it are listed under the Resources tab above.  You can check this out at any co-op and at Back to Co-op Day.  

Once you submit your budget, Leadership will determine if a lab fee should be attached and it will be on the class descriptions sent out after co-op 6.  Lab fees are to be paid to the co-op, not the teachers.  Please, if a parent gives you a lab fee, forward it to the secretary or treasurer.  Lab fees are to help the co-op reimburse you for class expenses.

It is a good idea to wait to purchase items until your final roster is sent to you, so you are not buying for students who switch out or drop from co-op...or you get an addition and need to go buy for one student.  Once the semester starts, do your best to keep to your budget or under.  You need to keep all of your receipts.  These should be submitted with a reimbursement form to the treasurer.  You may adjust your budget all the way up to co-op 2.  After that it is final.  And if you go over your budget, there is a good chance you will not be reimbursed the overages.  We all need to be good stewards of the co-op's resources.

Be aware that we make Black and White copies at co-op, NO COLOR, and we cannot reimburse for them.  ALSO, there is a well stocked resource closet in our storage area.  PLEASE check there before purchasing items. Not only do we want to purchase something we already have, we also do not want to store more items than necessary.  We need to be careful of space and of course, of God's provision for us.

Before Back to Co-op Day of the upcoming semester, you will need to submit a BULP.

BULP stands for Back Up Lesson Plan.  We NEED to have one of these on file just in case you need to miss a co-op.  Since we only have 7 classes, to waste one by not being prepared is not wise.
Plan something relating to your class that is easy for ANYONE to implement and that will take up most or all of the 55 minute class time.  You can always plan for this to be your co-op 7 plan if it doesn't get used.  EVERY class must have a BULP. We sometimes get very short notice of the need to use it and we do not want to be needing to come up with something on the fly. That is not fair to your substitute or your students.

For your convenience, the paper forms located below can be viewed or downloaded.  There is not a form for BULPs.
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